OmegaT+ Changes

Details of Version Changes

Current Version: 1.0 M3.1 (build 100514)

Version: 1.0 M3 (build 091114)

Version: 1.0 M2 - update 3 (build 090721)

Version: 1.0 M2 - update 2 (build 090608)

Important Notes

If you are upgrading from a prior release then you MUST READ the Notes for this Version given earlier on this page regarding the Document Filters and Segmentation Rules.

Version: 1.0 M2 - update 1 (build 090310)

NOTE: if you are upgrading from a prior release then changes to the software to support Java properties in this version result in an inability to translate that format using the filters configuration file (filters.xml) from the old OmegaT+ version (1.0.M2 and prior). An error dialog will be shown if you open a project that contains .properties files for translation. Removal of the old filters.xml and restart of OmegaT+ solves issue. The removal of the old filters configuration will result in loss of all user setup, if any changes were done from the default settings. If you need to retain old settings, make a backup of the old file version, then the new file can be edited to include the old settings (if you know how to do this in XML).

Version: 1.0 M2 (build 081225)

Version: 1.0 M1 (build 080312)

Version 1.0 M1 (build 080220)

Version 1.0 M1 (build 080129)

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