OmegaT+ User Guide

Available Documentation


Please read the documentation provided before attempting to use the application. OmegaT+ is relatively easy to use, once you know what you are doing, but read first. Often many users do not take time to read the documentation thoroughly. Reading the provided information will save you time and effort in getting useful work done with OmegaT+.

There is a users group for OmegaT+ (read below) where users of the program can help each other with various issues, asking any questions they want. Join the group and post your questions there. OmegaT+ project members monitor the groups and may answer questions there, at their discretion, as well as possibly receiving answers provided by other users of OmegaT+.

If more extensive help is needed then consider obtaining paid support (for a reasonable low fee). Fees obtained will help future development of OmegaT+. You will get one-on-one help, direct program updates, and more. Contact the project manager for details.

Notes for this Version - 1.0 M3.1 (Milestone 3, Update 1)

Important Notes

If you are upgrading from a release before 1.0.M2.2 then you MUST READ the notes given here for the Document Filters and Segmentation Rules.

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