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Download latest OmegaT+ (1.0.M3.1)

See OmegaT+ page and the OmegaT+ User Guide for more details on the application.



This application can, at present, take two text files (*.txt), that are mutual translations (an original language and a translation) of each other, or a TMX contaning translations, and be used to produce a TMX for use in other translation or language software that supports it. Upon loading of the text files, the application works to align the translations to the best of its ability, afterwhich the user can edit the text segments and save a TMX of the aligned segments.

Status: preliminary version 1.0M0, going towards a full 1.0 version, is available.

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A language checker tool (current support for English, German, Polish, Dutch, etc.). It is a rule-based language tool to find errors for defined rules (in XML configuration files or Java). It is used to detect errors that spell checking cannot and can also detect certain grammar mistakes.

Status: Latest Java source code and binary packages for use as standalone applications or in conjunction with and 3.0.0 or 3.0.1.



An application to validate TMX. It can also fix invalid characters in TMX that can cause problems in use.

Status: Preliminary release candidate (RC2) is available.


A simple readme file is included in the download package. It is a straightforward program to use. Just open a TMX to validate segments or clean (invalid UNICODE characters).


A Java Runtime Environment(JRE) is needed in order to use Validator. This can be obtained from this project or separately from Oracle or other vendors. Please use a recent version. Note: Mac OS X users already have a JRE installed by default.


To download the application go to the OmegaT+ files page. Different formats are provided, including 7-zip, RPM, .dmg.

Important Note

The free 7-zip tool can be used to open most, if not all, packages that are provided. For Linux/UNIX, see the p7zip project or check your distribution/operating system for inclusion of p7zip and the program 7za from it.